Brewing up our company culture

Paul Blake

29 September 2016

As we explain on our studio page, our growth has been underpinned by our culture and our success is driven by the strength of our team.

But what does that mean in a practical sense?

As has been noted elsewhere, a great team does not by default build a great culture. Everyone needs a helping hand to gel, especially during periods of company growth.

One thing which works for us is getting out of the office.

This isn’t easy, particularly with project pressures, milestones and deadlines. However with advanced planning we manage to lock in a quarterly team excursion.

Being the curious bunch we are, we need something to keep us occupied on our team building days. A challenge to solve. A new skill to learn.

To tick all of these boxes our latest trip took us to The Public Brewery with the task of brewing three batches of beer.

Supported by a skilled brewery team, and driven by some gentle competition between three Conduct teams, a Pale Ale, a Red Ale and a Brown Ale were soon merrily fermenting.

But being us we couldn’t stop there.

Back at base the creative team set about designing some labels for our fledgling brews.

The artwork is now proudly in place on the finished product. We’re thrilled with the result.

And if we do say so ourselves, our Friday afternoon beers have never tasted so good!

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