Innovation Bootcamp

Innovation Bootcamps are high performance workshops delivered by our innovation consultants that equip your team with a design thinking mindset.

Albert couldn’t have said it better – we can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

Think Differently

The art of Design Thinking is really about problem solving and value creation. Design principles are used to disrupt the status quo and facilitate creativity and innovation. At the heart of this process is delivering a more meaningful experience to the user.

Our agency offers organisations and individuals the opportunity to learn from our most experienced team members and these intensive sessions are often run alongside and in support of our other program offerings such as RDV or Design Nomads programs.

By tapping into the experience of our corporate innovation consultants, Innovation Bootcamps are the perfect way to create a team of change-agents armed with a Design Thinking mindset.

The Program

Our conviction is that nobody knows your environment better than your people; we simply consider ourselves to be your coaches. Innovation Bootcamps are the perfect way to equip your team with a design thinking mindset.

The program

Stress tests

During our intensive Bootcamps, we work with teams of innovators in your company to stress test their business case. We go from helping teams develop a vision to rocking their final pitches.

Stress Tests

Learn from the best

Our coaching helps teams bring their ideas to life. Just like everything else our agency does, it is lean, intense, and pragmatic – proper hands-on learning which is appropriate for organisational leaders, right through to team members at the coal face.

Learn From The Best

Find your own answers

We want you to find your own answers – and this is where our method of training adds value. In our experience, it’s the companies that have a greater understanding of their customers that are able to reduce their risks and create sustainable revenue streams.

Find Your Own Answers

The outcome

From our strategic locations in Melbourne and Sydney, we’ve produced a 2-day design thinking course that leverages and integrates your knowledge into our Bootcamp programs to showcase user-driven innovation at its best. The outcome of this program is an extensive customer journey for one or multiple personas and a synthesis of the 3 customer problems that prove to be most valuable to solve.

The outcome

A true design thinking pioneer

We take inspiration from one of the early design thinkers, Shigeru Miyamoto, the acclaimed designer of Super Mario Bros. Miyamoto singularly reimagined the very concept of the video game, mapping out what he felt the end-user wanted to play, rather than what had been done in the past. He created the story and characters of the game first, imagining a world where you could happily get lost, and then designed the gaming features and coding to follow.

Mario Brothers Power Mushrooms

In taking this human-centric approach, he effectively flipped the recognised gaming design process, creating the iconic Super Mario Bros, and then later, The Legend of Zelda. His unconventional thinking lead to Miyamoto collaborating with technologists to build the game – changing the existing nature of video game development to one that engaged cross functional teams of industrial design and technologists. Miyamoto’s Super Mario Bros. is the perfect example of how the design thinking framework generates innovation and creative output.


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