Quality Assurance & Review (QA&R)

However robust the technology it pays to have a quality assurance framework for the future.

We’re serious about our own software products, and provide the same high level of appraisal to third-party development projects. Our rigorous quality assurance framework is available as a standalone service. It gives peace of mind ahead of mergers and acquisitions, venture capital investments or major deployment decisions.

It’s a modular service covering all aspects of the development lifecycle. Everything can be tailored to match the scope of the innovation or investment. This includes:


  1. Documentation analysis to inform the audit
    1. Review of business requirements
    2. Review of technical specification
  2. Source code review
    1. Code structure analysis
    2. Library and extension analysis
    3. Technology stack analysis
    4. Logic and sanity analysis
  3. Database Schema Review
    1. Data structure integrity analysis
    2. Normalisation and concurrency analysis
    3. Optimisation and efficiency analysis
  4. Third Party and API integration review
    1. Analysis of integration decision
    2. Appropriate usage review
  5. Production hosting review
    1. Infrastructure setup and configuration analysis
    2. Infrastructure environment review
  6. Load Test
    1. Maximum concurrent users for select operations
    2. Average response time under load for specific operations
  7. Cyber Security
    1. Risks to platform, client and users
    2. Data encryption
    3. Infrastructure security
    4. Password management
    5. Recovery strategy and switchover time
    6. Penetration testing
    7. Monitoring
    8. Findings and recommendations
    9. Action plan
  8. Scaleability (for startup investment)
    1. Codebase
    2. Infrastructure
    3. User management and onboarding
    4. Multi-language support

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