Building strong relationships with customers is the key to your success.

At a time when so much communication with customers is dispersed between various platforms (be it email, phone, Confluence, Slack, Twitter or Facebook), it’s never been more important to record as many of your interactions as possible.

You have to know the past to understand the present.”

Dr. Carl Sagan

As a certified Salesforce partner, we can leverage the platform to build powerful integrations for your business.

Salesforce Lightning Components

In order to simplify our client’s business processes, we spend a great deal of time talking with them and understanding their current systems and workflows. Using our Rapid Design & Validation (RDV) framework, we’re able to recognise bottlenecks and process inefficiencies to ultimately develop new, simpler and more concise interfaces that are hosted within Salesforce. We achieve this using Salesforce Lightning Components – a new offering from Salesforce which allows us to quickly prototype and build custom applications using existing data from within the organisation.

Since Lightning Components can be lightweight and deployed quickly, they work perfectly when creating prototypes directly from high fidelity wireframes produced during the RDV process. We are able to quickly iterate any changes that come from feedback, and the latest app releases are always available for clients to privately review through their Salesforce sandbox account.

Lightning Components can help your business to:

  • unlock data that already exists within your business and display it as powerful information that can be acted upon;
  • reduce time and complexity in existing Salesforce workflows and processes by modifying and re-engineering internal Salesforce user interfaces;
  • create new cross platform mobile applications within the Salesforce One ecosystem;
  • create products or tools that can be used across the various Salesforce Organisations that you manage; and
  • capitalise on your existing optimised processes or unique workflows to sell them on the Salesforce Lightning Component Marketplace.

Lightning Components also tie in perfectly with design systems – including the Atomic Design principles we use here at Conduct. Due to a component’s reusable (atomic) nature, they can also be deployed across the full range of responsive platforms including desktop and mobile. You can check out how we use them here and here.

Salesforce API Integrations

Many of our clients have external systems which need to interface directly with Salesforce. These systems often have a requirement to capture leads and store them within Salesforce, and can include anything from simple website contact forms to sophisticated legacy applications.

We also have the ability to retrieve specific data from your Salesforce organisation and display it within an existing application.

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