Service Design

Our killer ingredient is our ability to rapidly get under the skin of an organisation’s multi-channel service and product offering.

In our eyes, true innovation is delivering a customer experience that solves pain points, meets business objectives, and highlights operational improvements across all channels.


From our Melbourne and Sydney locations, we run a series of lean user research activities which include a mixture of direct and non-direct methods such as contextual interview, facilitated workshops and observation. We have proven ways of traversing an organisation’s structure to ensure we mine the gold.

Connect the Dots

Our service design agency uses Human Centred Design (HCD) as a foundation framework during this process which allows us to deliver great customer experiences in a way which creates increased returns and insights for business operation and employee satisfaction.

Airing conflicts

We often identify competitive advantages in the gap between an organisation’s business models and service-design models, because their business models don’t always align with the services delivered. Service design fosters consideration and provides context around the systems required to properly provide a service throughout the entire product’s life cycle – and in some cases, beyond.

Airing conflicts

Encouraging the hard conversations

A candid discussion around an organisation’s procedures and policies can help identify any weak links or misalignments. We are available from Melbourne and Sydney to offer conversations that empower the organisation to work collaboratively with each other to identify cross functional solutions.

Encouraging the hard conversations

Minimise redundancies by seeing the big picture

As a service design agency, we’ve seen the positive changes that can occur in an organisation just by taking the time to lay out the full cycle of internal service processes. It provides the business with a clear picture of its service ecosystem, be it across one large offering, or the full spectrum of multiple offerings. Service design mapping helps identify frustrating and wasteful inefficiencies and provides a plan for eliminating them, which frees up your employees’ efficiencies and reduces costs.

Minimise redundancies by seeing the big picture

Building stronger relationships

The process of service design strengthens relationships by getting everyone on the same page. Having strategic locations in both Sydney and Melbourne gives us the national reach to build key relationships and align internal service provisions and workflows which will extend through to the equivalent front stage personnel.

Building stronger relationships


Conduct delivers tangible innovation from our creative hubs in Melbourne and Sydney for some of Australia’s best brands and organisations.

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