Support & Infrastructure

We understand sophisticated technology demands highly responsive and fully accountable support services.

We are proud of the products we create and value long term relationships most highly. The integrity of our products, systems and ongoing support services are paramount. This is reflected in ISO 2007 security compliance.


We believe that however complex the technology, it should be supported by simple to understand Service Level Agreements and support options. Support is an important item to consider to ensure you have the insurance in place to deal with any issues that may occur while your product is live. Our scaled support options allow you to start lean and then invest more later as business grows. These range from on-call support for mission critical business operation through to adhoc requests.

Simply choose the Service Level Agreement that works best for you. This can include:

  • Ad hoc support
  • Phone and email support with a longer guaranteed turnaround time defined by your business requirements
  • Phone and email support with a shorter guaranteed turnaround time defined by your business requirements
  • Proactive monthly system reporting, support and maintenance hours
  • We also provide on-call support out of business hours to assist with any high severity events


Infrastructure planning and design are part of our Statement of Work documentation. These technical details are passed on to our infrastructure team or third party to implement the hosting solution.

We offer hosted solutions for your product or can act as an advocate and advisor to help you consult with the hosting supplier.

It all comes down to providing you with the confidence of knowing that everything is in place to serve your business best.

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