Systems Integration

Streamlining the complexities of systems integration greatly enhances the desired customer experience.

Today, most applications require a level of systems integration. Appropriate systems integration determines a product or service’s ability to fully deliver the desired customer experience.

Integration can take the form of simple requests from the Google Maps service. Often it can be something more complicated like data population of monolithic legacy ERP systems or two way transactional communication with SAAS CRM services.

Our approach is always to deliver exactly the right level of systems integration in the most streamlined way possible. We work with organisations to understand the technical landscape, assessing all involved systems for their current capability and suitability.

Stakeholder management, usually through collaborative workshops, is key in stitching together the full technology picture especially if some of the technology is third party controlled. We find It is the most expedient way to determine the system’s potential to be compatible with the desired future state. This allows a road map to be created for the path to integration and also establishes a common understanding of actual data readiness.

Where a pathway for immediate integration isn’t achievable to an acceptable standard, we will work with your IT team to design and build appropriate interfaces, middleware such as API’s, agents or web service layers. Extensive experience in different industry sectors including health, education, finance, retail, sports and entertainment, gives us the capability and flexibility to address any corporate scenario or policy – especially where data management, privacy and security are a concern.

Combining systems integration, solution architecture and technology such as mobile and wearable devices, IoT and machine learning, is an immensely exciting space. Working together, there is huge potential to unlock industry leaping innovations and brand opportunities otherwise hidden from sight.

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