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Helping patients manage their chronic disease.

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Our Client

Founded in 2015, HMR Exchange applies emerging technologies to solve Australia’s healthcare problems.

Our Work

Every year, 30% of Australians who are admitted to emergency, have preventable issues such as incorrect dosages or unsuitable combinations of medicines.

The Home Medicines Review (HMR), funded by the Australian Government, helps people manage their chronic conditions, which in turn, reduces hospital admissions due to accidents with medication.

A Patient is referred by a GP to medicines specialist, known as an Accredited Pharmacist, who then attend the patient’s home to conduct a medicine review. Once completed, a report is sent to the GP who then works with the patient to improve their adherence and management of their medications.

HMR Exchange focused on the HMR referral problem for the following reasons:

  • It is a slow, insecure and inefficient process;
  • Time poor GPs are struggling to find an appropriate accredited pharmacist able to perform a HMR;
  • The supporting IT infrastructure and services are in silos and do not interact with each other; and
  • There are many different variations of referrals and reports, with no standardisation or efficiency.

Our brief was to deliver an innovative, highly secure, Cloud-based platform to streamline communication and support industry standards that exist for security of patient information.

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Success required full compatibility with clinical software such as Best Practice, ZedMed and others, and the ability to leverage existing secure messaging providers like ReferralNet, HealthLink and Medical Objects.

Sending secure messages from any Clinic to any Accredited Pharmacist required the secure messaging service to send cross-provider messages – something they do not natively support. We needed to design and build an application that could talk to many messaging providers and understand the global secure messaging standard known as HL7.

It was also crucial that the application be simple, quick and intuitive for GPs and Accredited Pharmacists to use.

The Platform

The result is the HMR Referrals® platform – HMR Exchange’s core initial product. It provides a full-featured national solution for timely and secure electronic referrals between clinic-based GPs and outreach health care practitioners (in this case Accredited Pharmacists).

The cloud-based solution leverages the best parts of Windows Server, .NET and open source Linux and PHP technology.

The HMR Referrals® application seamlessly connects the GPs using their clinical systems with the Accredited Pharmacists using a standard interface for the patient reporting and their own account management. Pharmacists are able to communicate securely on the go with the GPs at the Clinic without installing any software or plugins.

HMR Referrals on mobile

The application is also built to minimise administration overhead for invoicing, payments and account updates. Everything is done in real-time, online and through easy to use interfaces.

Delivering a “1st of it’s kind”, highly innovative and technically complex application comes with a sense of gratification in its own right but for us it’s more than that. We are absolutely humbled by the notion that patients around Australia will be safer with the platform in place.



5 secs

5 seconds for a Pharmacist to accept a GP referral, where it used to take 3 weeks.


6 times faster for a GP to refer and complete the HMR process via the platform.


7 times faster for a Pharmacist to return the HMR report through the platform to a GP.




Tech Design Award 2017



iAwards Merit Vic 2017



iAwards Winner 2017

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