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Okee in Medical Imaging - a game-changing and award-winning edutainment app

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Our Client

With a proud 147-year history, and recognised as one of the world’s great paediatric hospitals, The Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) in Melbourne is the major specialist paediatric hospital in Victoria and provides care to children across Australia in areas of complex surgery including liver and heart transplantation.

Our Work

The world of Medical Imaging can be a daunting experience for children. Procedures are intimidating and sometimes invasive; in some cases, young patients can become sufficiently anxious to require general anaesthetic.

Working in close collaboration with the RCH Educational Play Therapy department, Educational Resource Centre and Medical Imaging department, we developed ‘Okee in Medical Imaging’ – a friendly marine character designed to capture children’s imagination and develop confidence about the procedure, emphasising that there is nothing to fear when looking under the surface of things.

Our concepts were iteratively tested and refined with real users, keeping us focused on the needs of young patients and their parents. Powered by a combination of native and Unity 3D technology stacks the iOS and Android apps centre on nine training and adventure games.

Supporting the game play is a host of practical information for parents like useful numbers and parking tips, plus a guide on how to discuss upcoming appointments with their children.

Once the project was released live the Royal Children’s Hospital conducted a research project to measure the success of the product.

Okee in Medical Imaging has won a host of awards for the RCH and Conduct, including the state and national iAward for Health plus a silver award at APICTA 2015, silver at the 2015 Melbourne Design Awards, gold at the 2015 Australian [app] Design awards and the Desktop Create Awards Best Interactive 2015, winner of the community sector eLearning Award.




An average reduction in prep time of six minutes per patient


A 40% decrease in compliance difficulties during the procedure


A 45% reduction in anxiety when patients were asked to lie down






Best Interactive 2015



eLearning Excellence Award

Winner Gold & Silver

Winner Gold & Silver

Melbourne Design Awards

Winner National & Victorian

Winner National & Victorian

Health Category

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