Rapid Design & Validation

What is RDV?

Over 10 years we’ve developed a robust set of tools, processes and methodologies. The result is RDV; a tried and tested framework that delivers results.

Our RDV methodology helps businesses iteratively solve problems and rapidly prototype ideas. It draws upon the best of human-centred design, lean thinking and agile.

RDV has delivered tangible innovation and products for some of Australia’s biggest brands and organisations across government, education, health, entertainment and not-for-profit sectors.

You’re RDV ready.

You may have an understanding of the issues you face but don’t have the time or resources to pinpoint the solution.

Perhaps you’ve identified a process area that is bleeding cost or time; maybe your customers are looking elsewhere? Or perhaps you want to test the appetite for something new?

Design and test your app idea
in just 30 days!

RDV Methodology

The RDV is a fast-paced, high-performance process. Expect results and expect them quickly.

ConductHQ RDV Timeline

Problem scope and discovery

Together we understand the needs of your users and the needs of your business. We define problem scope or hypotheses to be tested. We research and quantify opportunities and trigger ideation.

Problem scope and discovery

Technology Audit

We gain an understanding, but are not limited by, your current and planned data and systems.

The Lab

Strategic locations in both Melbourne and Sydney give us national reach to enable us to set up a collaborative space on site where our RDV squad and your team work together. The control room and innovation hub for the project.


A mix of stakeholder engagement, market analysis and customer research. Frames the problem space and potential opportunities.

Business Analysis

Business needs and goals and opportunity sizing are fed straight into mindmaps, system diagrams, and notes on whiteboards or notepads.

User Stories

A snapshot of customer motivations and goals and potential service interactions.

Design Mantra

Principles to steer the project and focus the remaining phases.

Design sprint with stakeholders

Conceptual design activities to spark innovation.


Design Sprint with Stakeholders

The project needs will determine the nature of output; from simple clickable images through to coded functional prototypes or hardware. We value wireframes over feature lists and prototypes over documentation.

Collaborative Design

Adding fidelity and detail to key concepts. Expanding the interaction design and defining key features and flows.

Iterative Prototyping

Design flows into early prototypes and process walkthroughs. Preparation for customer validation. Evaluation and prioritisation of features.

Validation with users

An iterative learning loop where we evaluate, test and refine the prototype with users. Qualitative or analytics-based research methodologies will be used depending on project needs.

Validation with Users


Customer input into our early prototypes. Assumptions tested. Validation and re-evaluation of our ideas.

Usability Testing

As we move towards the optimum solution we hone in on testing customer understanding of more detailed interactions.

Iterative and Rapid Prototyping

Closing the feedback loop by flowing findings straight back into our prototype.

Tech sprint

Readiness of Data & Systems.

Tech Sprint

The Tech Sprint has been specifically designed to stress test the output of the design and validation phase against the current and planned technical capability of the organisation.

Building on the technical audit from week 1, it is designed to deliver agreed functional requirements, mapped against technical dependencies, readiness and known issues.

From within the RDV Lab we will lead discussion related to data and systems with technology owners and your third party system vendors. It’s an open environment where ideas and challenges can be shared and existing roadmaps explored, leading to project team alignment.

Identifying your current technical capability and the desired future state of the product or service will give you confidence to make informed decisions on the path to production & scalability.

The Proposition

Stakeholder presentation of the solution against anticipated costs vs benefits.

The Pitch

RDV Clients

Our RDV methodology has delivered real innovation for some of Australia’s best brands and organisations.

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We craft elegant and meaningful experiences, define the strategy to execute them and optimise services to deliver them.


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