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Future-ready fleet management & location solutions

We’ve developed solutions to support complete fleet connectivity for client partners like Isuzu, ETS Infrastructure Management and Cleanaway. Gain real-time visibility, optimise operations, and enhance security with powerful tracking and analytics tools. With precise mapping and instant reporting, the platforms we deliver enable vehicles and fleets to interact with various devices and systems in their environment – improving safety and performance for drivers and fleet managers.

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Driving smarter business decisions with map-based digital solutions

The award-winning Cleanaview customer portal currently services hundreds of councils around Australia. It’s a state-of-the-art platform that integrates diverse data systems, bridges map data with daily operations, offering insights on event locations, fleet performance, and resource needs. Leveraging technologies like HERE maps, ArcGIS and Mapbox, we work with automotive and logistics organisations to present real-time data in a visual context, aiding swift, informed decisions and quick response times.

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Revolutionising the driver AV experience for Isuzu

We partnered with Isuzu Trucks Australia to deliver an intuitive in-truck media system designed to enhance the driver experience. Using an iterative process, we developed and tested a prototype and design system, focusing on intuitive navigation, user-friendly interaction flows, and universally understandable design elements. Given the importance of clear visuals in big vehicles for safety and ease of use, we centred our design around real-world driver needs and tested extensively with selected participants.

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The future of in-car marketing

We worked with an emerging ride-share company to enhance the in-cab experience for passengers with a digital travel companion concept. We prototyped a new platform designed to transform every journey into a delightful adventure for passengers while serving non-intrusive contextual advertising.

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