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Arin: Streamlining access to research equipment across universities globally

Monash University, in collaboration with other leading institutions, introduced “Arin” (Australian Research Infrastructure Network) to consolidate equipment booking systems across multiple universities into one searchable portal. Recognising the challenge of the diverse language used across institutions, Arin continuously improves through machine learning to standardise and refine data. We crafted the user journey with two major insights: leveraging researchers’ sense of collegiality and requesting feedback after researchers narrow their search based on expertise. Initially launched in Victoria, Arin has expanded nationally and is being prepared for international markets as a white-labelled product.

Find a kinder

The Victorian Government has introduced free kinder for 3 and 4-year-old children and the Department of Education and Training wanted to test and iterate its existing Find A Kinder website, a tool designed to assist parents searching for kinders in their area. We conducted usability testing sessions with parents to discover and unpack pain points relating to the existing website as well as frustrations with the broader kinder system and process. From here, we developed a new, mobile-friendly, user-validated design which helps parents feel less ‘in the dark’ about their options and the process of enrolling their children.

AMSI Teacher Platform

We conducted a design sprint to rapidly develop a platform aimed at showcasing the full potential of a comprehensive teacher planning software. This platform, which is aligned with the Australian curriculum, gives teachers easy access to a wealth of resources from the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI), such as detailed lesson plans and content descriptors.

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Discover our interactive educational experiences that make learning fun. By combining the latest technology with teaching and research expertise, we’re experts in crafting learning platforms for all age groups.

Meet Bubbleship

We believe in using play to foster problem-solving skills. In recent years, we’ve worked with educators, play therapists, and child psychologists to tailor our offerings to children’s needs. At Bubbleship, we base our methods on current child development science. Our focus is on combining technology and a human-centric approach to promote positive behavioural change. We’re proud of our award-winning projects, like the “First Aid Action Hero” app developed with St John Ambulance Victoria, and “Okee in Medical Imaging” created with the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne.

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