A work breakdown structure (WBS) is created by populating a list of user stories into a backlog. This occurs once a business requirement is defined and the project scope understood. The backlog serves as a guide to the features being developed.


We have a firmer grasp of the development schedule and estimated costs from the scope. We forecast a long-term projection of resource availability, a granular view on day-to-day effort, and use a suite of communication channels to plan, organise and mobilise team members.


Conduct’s engineers work autonomously, follow story-based tasks and use an open source and commercial toolset avoiding proprietary codebases, libraries or software.


We internally review and test the product as a team. We take our code seriously and have systems in-place to ensure our output is of the highest quality.


A phased release approach provides the opportunity to trial new systems and to incorporate feedback continuously. All deployments from ‘dev to prod’ are fully automated – including build, copy and database migrations. These are controlled processes created to ensure fast, consistent deployments with minimal service downtime.

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