We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new business division: Bubbleship. Bubbleship exists to make learning fun through thoughtfully designed digital experiences.

We firmly believe in the power of play to support the development of crucial problem-solving skills in a safe environment. Over the last few years, we’ve collaborated with educators, play therapists, and child psychology experts to ensure our experiences cater to the unique needs of children. By incorporating their insights and expertise, everything we do at Bubbleship is backed by the latest scientific understanding of how children learn and grow. Together, we’re focused on leveraging innovative technology and a human-centred approach to drive positive behavioural change. 

First Aid Action Hero - St. John's Ambulance, Victoria

We have a proud history of creating award-winning projects that showcase the impact digital products can have in supporting educational outcomes. Our collaboration with St John Ambulance Victoria resulted in First Aid Action Hero, a mobile app that gamifies first aid emergency response. Similarly, our partnership with the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne, led to Okee in Medical Imaging. Through a combination of a digital experience and the physical hospital environment, Okee helps children overcome anxiety by better preparing them for what to expect during medical imaging procedures.


Okee in Medical Imaging - Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne

Bubbleship’s focus areas encompass K-12 education, health, not-for-profits, government initiatives, industry partnerships, and the disability sector. By collaborating with like-minded organisations, we exist to create immersive digital experiences that have a lasting impact on the lives of young people.

Join us on this exciting journey aboard the Bubbleship! Together, let’s create a future where play and education intertwine harmoniously. 

All aboard! Visit bubbleship.com.au to learn more:

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