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Our Client

Cleanaway is Australia’s largest waste management company, leading the industry with their total waste management, industrial and environmental solutions. Sustainability is at the heart of the business, and Cleanaway take pride in engaging with the community to drive innovative ways to increase the effectiveness of their waste management systems and ensure the delivery of a sustainable future.

The Brief

Cleanaway had identified a demand in the market to provide local councils with a digital management platform to enable staff to directly access real-time information about their waste management vehicles and services. Cleanaway had no existing digital portal which made reporting to councils difficult. Real-time information enables and empowers council support staff to provide first contact resolutions to their residents and improve their existing system of convoluted communication flow.

Cleanaway also required urgent design and delivery of the product. Conduct were called up to design and implement the interface and portal, as well as an addendum app for Cleanaway’s drivers.

We’ve always found Conduct really easy to deal with. It’s one of the reasons we keep coming back to them and we look to them as being the go to experts in customer experience.

Wes Fischer — Cleanaway

The Product

Cleanaway engaged Conduct to implement the Rapid Design Validation (RDV) Lab, which set the scope for the design, build, and implementation of the Cleanaview portal. Cleanaview was executed quickly and within budget, as Conduct managed multiple external stakeholders and vendor systems.

The web application, Cleanaview, is a complex system which securely aggregates data from a number of historical and real-time data sources into a unified dashboard. It was built using The ReactJS Framework, and a custom API designed to pull information from isolated cloud based data sources.

Cleanaway MyView App

Cleanaview allows councils to understand the status of collections and ad hoc runs in real time. The position of trucks can be easily traced on a map which shows their current activity, feeding back address level information for any waste collection events or issues that may occur such as contamination and bin damage. It easily produces customer reports for Cleanaway’s clients, such as bin events, vehicle runs, and work orders, as well as instant access to all invoicing.

Conduct also assisted in the design and delivery of MyView, an app for drivers which forms part of the portal and easily allows drivers to lodge alerts. If a driver comes across an issue or event, they can easily use the MyView tablet app to report the event. Context matters greatly in this design due to the very specific safety regulations and policies for drivers.

Cleanaview Product Shots

The location of the issue, photos, and route information are immediately sent with the report as the app taps into 7 onboard cameras for added driver safety, providing evidence of events such as bin contamination. The report includes images, scheduled job and history of jobs, pickups at residents addresses within the council, and is then available to support staff who login to the customer portal. We prototyped closely with drivers in-situ to ensure MyView would deliver upon the goals set at the start of the project.

Design thinking

Conduct entered into a Rapid Design and Validation phase to investigate the issues that Cleanaway had highlighted to help define the problem scope including identifying discrete user groups needs and marry it up with overall business goals and objectives. It was a collaboration between our Conduct design team and external business analysts to develop a customer portal from the technical design phase through to the build. The project was extensive as we navigated complex technologies and a widespread group of stakeholders, marrying legacy systems with innovation.

Cleanaway RDV Shots

We interviewed over 50 stakeholders and vendors, and involved Cleanaway’s customers, drivers, and council staff throughout the process. Our Human Centred Design approach lead to the broadening of the design piece to include MyView with the vision of this project realised out of the RDV Lab. The product was released and successfully implemented within three months.


Despite only just being released, the feedback for Cleanaview has been overwhelming positive. Streamlined communication and alerts have empowered councils to provide an improved level of support to rate-payers.

Cleanaview gave us a level of insight and understanding of our waste services that was previously unavailable.

Ian Florence — Noosa Council



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