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Founded in 2015, HMR Exchange applies emerging technologies to solve healthcare problems. HMR Referrals™ is a national platform designed to enable paperless medical referrals for patients anywhere in Australia.


Help patients better manage medications

Deliver a secure, easy-to-use platform that streamlines communication between GPs and Accredited Pharmacists.

Disruption free referrals

30% of Australians admitted to emergency every year have preventable issues such as incorrect dosages or unsuitable combinations of medicines. Funded by the Australian Government, the Home Medicines Review (HMR) helps people to manage their chronic conditions, which in turn, reduces hospital admissions caused by accidents with medication. For the platform to be successful, it needed to be compatible with clinical software (like Best Practice, ZedMed) and leverage existing secure messaging providers (like ReferralNet, HealthLink and Medical Objects). It was also crucial that the application be simple, quick and intuitive for GPs and Accredited Pharmacists to use with minimal training.

Bank level security

HMR Referrals™ improves security by removing fax and paper-based steps from the referral process. It adheres to the secure messaging specifications developed by the Australian Digital Health Agency, to ensure patient information is absolutely secure at every stage of the process. Access to patient information is limited to intended recipients. Data is encrypted for both transit and at rest  and there’s an audit trail for all sensitive data interactions.

HMR Referrals™ supports Patients, GPs and Accredited Pharmacists

The HMR Referrals™ platform is HMR Exchange’s core initial product. HMR Referrals™ provides a full-featured national solution for timely and secure electronic referrals between clinic-based GPs and outreach health care practitioners. It leverages the best parts of Windows Server, .NET and open source Linux and PHP technology. The custom application seamlessly connects GPs with Accredited Pharmacists using a standard interface for patient reporting. For the first time, pharmacists are able to communicate securely on-the-go with the GPs without installing or registering for any software or plugins.

No more silos in IT infrastructure

HMR Referrals™ minimises administrative overheads for invoicing, payments and account updates. Every transaction is completed in real-time, online and through easy to use interfaces. It serves as the foundation platform for paperless referrals and can support Aged Care, Allied Health and Hospitals.


  • 5 seconds for a Pharmacist to accept a GP referral, where it used to take 3 weeks.
  • 6 times faster for a GP to refer and complete the HMR process via the platform.
  • 7 times faster for a Pharmacist to return the HMR report through the platform to a GP.


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