All meetings and workshops are now virtual. So far, so good.

Our team transitioned to working from home in early March. We have managed to navigate the crisis and support our team and our clients with constant, clear communication and by prioritising efforts to reflect our new reality.

A few of our clients have had to change the strategy, direction, budget, deadlines and the delivery schedule of their projects. We’ve adapted together and are better equipped than ever to act fast.

Here’s how we are helping.

Customer experience and strategy pivot

Customer needs and expectations are changing. We’re working with clients to understand the far reaching disruption to their services. We’re pivoting how we engage with customers to enable rapid change and rapid delivery. In most instances, this has meant converting (some of the) time spent on research into rolling out and testing digital solutions incrementally. With retail clients for example, it’s been tweaking ecommerce platforms to ensure they match bricks-and-mortar service standards and expectations.

Rapid design: UX and UI prototyping

We’ll speak with you and your users to plan around what is important as your circumstances evolve. We get that now more than ever, timelines and budgets are critical. The result of working together through fast-paced, iterative UX and UI cycles is a prototype that acts as the visual blueprint for developers and project managers to get cracking with the build. This approach dramatically reduces approval and development time. Everyone is kept in the loop and is constantly moving forward.

Agile development services

We are experts in getting digital solutions up and running quickly. We’ve helped our clients adapt to new ways of working since our inception. At the moment, our focus is on getting our teams to work closely and strategically to shorten the design and development cycle. We’re taking MVP and Agile one step further through constant collaboration. The aim is to specify the product as it’s being built, shortening the time to market.

Does this sound like a good match for your current situation? Drop us a line to: talk tactics, training or about other ways we can lend expertise to your organisation.

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