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User experience (UX) design is essential to the success of a modern digital product or service. Today, a functional product alone is not enough. Here at Conduct, we’re all about purpose. We describe our solutions as “fit-for-purpose”. It’s about designing to people’s needs. Every interaction is predictable, evidence-based and intentional. Considered user experiences grow from a sound understanding of user motivation and behaviour. When new products discount user research, they risk becoming an amalgamation of new features, rather than useful tools that address a problem.

“If you want to offer products or services that have value for your customers, you must first make the effort to understand what customers consider valuable.” Jan Jursa, author of UX Storytellers

The path to product success

The best solutions find a happy balance between user desirability, technical feasibility and organisational viability. At its crux, user experience is producing an outcome that resonates with a target audience, aligns with user expectations and meets business objectives. We follow an iterative cycle of prototyping and testing to guide the development of user-centric systems.

Design to deliver value

The role of UX can vary depending on your project. Wherever you are on the user experience journey, we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking to explore an entirely new product, need to pad out a concept or want foster a more user-centred mindset within your organisation, Conduct’s adaptive (and repeatable!) Research, Design and Validation framework can be augmented to meet your needs.

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