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Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) is a market leading automotive company specialising in customised trucks. Throughout 50 years of operation, they’ve built a reputation for superior reliability, outperforming competitors in harsh Australian conditions.


Design a in-truck new media system

We developed and tested the concept for an AV system aimed at enhancing the driver’s experience within Isuzu trucks. Our goal was to develop an intuitive human-machine interface (HMI) and scalable design system that would deliver a predictable, safe and friction-free user experience, consistent with our work in Isuzu’s broader digital ecosystem.

Anchoring the design on genuine driver needs

Our approach was progressive, commencing with simple prototypes and advancing to a unified design system before culminating in a final user- validated concept. Our focus was to understand how users navigate the system. We tested the logic behind interaction flows to ascertain their ease- of-use and to make sure they weren’t a potential distraction for drivers. And icons and patterns were also assessed continuously to ensure they were universally comprehensible. Feedback-driven refinements were gathered from sessions with prospective users.


This collaboration with Isuzu Trucks Australia and hardware partner, Blaupunkt, yielded a state-of-the-art intuitive media/AV system, setting new standards for user experience. In a larger vehicle, clear and recognisable visuals and design patterns are paramount for safety and usability. By adopting a human-centred approach, our design was refined based on invaluable user insights, ensuring alignment with real-world usage. The system is now available in Isuzu trucks nationwide.

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