Team augmentation and on-site assignment

Conduct’s squad has a broad array of capabilities. We’re available to extend your in-house skills with minimal on-boarding. Our team are experienced with building knowledge of new systems and workflows quickly – accelerating the path to successful delivery. Think of us like a “team as a service” or tech and design nomads.

Explore the option of bringing in experts for temporary on-site assignments. We are based in Melbourne and Sydney, servicing all of Australia. We’re equipped to help you progress projects and yield results – even in the most hierarchically complex or time pressured environments.

How co-location helps

  • Personal contact
  • Gain exposure to different approaches
  • Discover new ways to solve challenges
  • Better control over resource allocation and workflows
  • Reduced investment on infrastructure, recruitment and training
  • Access to focussed expertise
  • Target the exact skills you need
  • Squad as a service engagement model

Flexible options to enhance your project team

Appointing a Team or Squad as a Service (Taas) can be useful to rapidly prototype, to support a period of growth or to relieve unexpected increases in development workloads. Conduct’s designers (UX, UI, CX, SD) and web app developers eliminate the need to recruit and train employees for single projects. We’re armed with the tools and techniques to ensure communication, collaboration, and transparency are at the core of every deliverable.

Save time and the cost of recruitment and training by bringing in experts to support your project needs.

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