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What does a workshop facilitator do?

An external facilitator skilfully leads structured sessions to help participants reach consensus on common goals and the actions required to achieve them.

Benefits of professional workshop facilitation

Conduct designers are experienced strategic facilitators. Borrowing techniques from human-centred design, we lead stakeholder engagement, organisational alignment and design thinking workshops for businesses of all sizes. In pre-planned sessions, facilitators pilot teams through agendas, evoking discussion and exploration of ideas and opinions.
The role we take as workshop facilitators is to:

  • Sustain a neutral environment for deliberation
  • Keep discussions moving and to maintain focus on objectives
  • Act as a responsive spectator – picking up cues and developing your thoughts into productive outcomes
  • Use design-thinking techniques and activities to solve problems

Workshop facilitation & training

Learning outcomes

Participants will learn what to do with new content that arises from discussion, how to prioritise ideas and concepts and effective brainstorming techniques for future workshop sessions.

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