Design innovation consulting

Benefit from a design thinking mindset

Design thinking or human-centred design is an adaptable approach to problem solving. It was originally developed at Stanford University’s Conduct offers practical, hands-on design thinking training sessions. Your team will learn the value of ‘show don’t tell’ and sustained, ongoing innovation. We’re experts in helping teams embed design thinking into day-to-day operations.

Design thinking and corporate innovation consulting

Design thinking short courses in Melbourne and Sydney

A human-centred approach to innovation embraces new problems and places the user at the heart of every solution.


Conduct offers capability building opportunities through short courses hosted by our senior designers. Our two day innovation program covers the practical application of design thinking techniques.


We will help you build skills around:

  • Repeatable, human-focussed frameworks to apply to future business challenges
  • User research techniques to understand behaviour and intent
  • Identifying hidden customer insights
  • Creating (then prioritising) ideas and concepts in a collaborative environment
  • Rapid prototyping and usability testing tactics
  • Visual systems and exercises to map the customer journey and improve workflows

Find your own answers through hands-on learning. Our coaching style is lean, intense, and pragmatic.

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Design innovation session

Coaching by design

We often consult with businesses after projects are delivered. We aim to build our clients’ confidence in applying design thinking practices to future initiatives.

Design innovation workshop

One-on-one or group coaching sessions

Tailored sessions are available to individuals and organisations. We have flexible learning options covering broad or specific topics such as: an introduction to human-centred design, incorporating best practice UX to your next digital product, how to run an innovation workshop.

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