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Many of the projects we work on are part of a wider business initiative. Committing to a funding decision can become complicated when you are equally invested in the success of your project and the business.

As a trusted consultant, we work with brands to advocate for innovation. We provide impartial perspective and help to clarify and identify opportunities. A strong business case often helps to demonstrate a project’s economic value. It makes a case for investment by illustrating how the outcomes align with overall business objectives (short and longer term), and addresses how risks are managed.

Business Cases are designed to help you answer fundamental questions such as:

  • Is the project logical, practical, financially feasible and sustainable?
  • Who are our key markets and is there an appetite for our proposition?
  • What new products or services could this project give rise to?
  • How much design and or development is needed?
  • Are we capable of delivering the outcomes?
  • Will we achieve value-for-money?

Create a framework to present a bulletproof case for investment.

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