Customer Portal Development

Customer Portals are innovative self-service systems that contribute to market disruption by assisting companies to maintain and grow their customer base, and reduce customer churn rates.

The true benefit of a client or Customer Portal is that it leverages data from multiple touchpoints including CRM software and resource planning systems to improve user and customer experiences.

One such project was Cleanaview, where Conduct was engaged by Cleanaway for the design and delivery of a complex system which securely aggregates data from a number of historical and real-time data sources into a unified dashboard.

Your users will become self-sufficient through an innovative engagement platform and Conduct can help you tap into your customer ecosystem to expose information and realise the true benefits of your data lakes.

A Customer Portal system enables your company to:

  1. Reduce operational costs through automation;
  2. Provide customers with appropriate online tools;
  3. Instant problem resolution;
  4. Improve customer experiences;
  5. Increase real-time visibility to reveal customer insights;
  6. Fuel sales to ultimately improve market share;
  7. Build new revenue streams.

At Conduct, our design and development methodologies inform the creation of all of our products, including customer self-service and engagement portals.

We have an experienced team of software developers and designers that have worked with a number of technologies to integrate Salesforce into bespoke purpose built platforms.

Now users can access data in real-time and self-service in one space, which is massive and we've had great feedback.

Wes Fischer — Cleanaway

Conduct are system integration experts able to leverage your existing legacy systems and get the most out of your current systems. Partnerships with services like Salesforce allow us to understand and work with existing systems ensuring the focus and energy can be spent on new tech.

Through either our RDV Program, or by engaging our Design Nomads, Conduct will build a customised Customer Portal framework that integrates seamlessly with your legacy systems and customer landscape.



We have successfully delivered a number of innovative Customer Portals from our headquarters in Melbourne and Sydney, for a range of clients spanning government entities, private businesses, and some of Australia’s largest ASX listed companies.

VIC State Gov


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