Systems integration service

Systems integration service

Isolated legacy systems often involve manual work-arounds to share information. Our targeted systems integration approach explores how to improve connectivity and get the most out of your existing tools. Almost every project needs some form of communication between systems. This may be pulling and displaying real-time data from a CRM, creating a gateway between new and old systems or connecting native mobile applications to a CMS.

API design

API design and development

Conduct designs, builds, customises and augments APIs for backend systems, server-to-server and client-to-server communication. Bespoke customer-facing tools like customer portals and apps provide secure and curated access to information and insights. A design-driven approach to API development and implementation often means solving a problem by unlocking untapped data. Employing the latest design and documentation techniques, we lean on OpenAPI for its flexibility and wide support.

Salesforce integration services

As one of Australia’s trusted Salesforce partners, Conduct services clients in both Melbourne and Sydney. We have extensive Salesforce integration experience and frequently work with clients to design digital solutions that capitalise on Saleforce’s robust platforms.

Make the most of your existing data and technology assets.

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