Design thinking

Have you found yourself facing a challenge;

Your business problem requires a bespoke solution, but doesn’t justify the cost of building a bespoke platform.


Your SaaS solution gives you the benefits of externalised software ownership, but is too constrained to provide the sort of experiences that make your offer unique to customers.


You’ve looked at large platform solutions before, but it feels a bit too much like ‘fitting the problem to the solution’ to make business sense.

Enter RDV, Salesforce Experience Cloud and Lightning Web Runtime

Conduct is one of the first agencies in the world to design and build an entirely bespoke solution using Salesforce’s brand new Lightning Web Runtime. Put simply, Lightning Web Runtime (LWR) allows us to follow our Human Centred Design framework, RDV, to understand the problem and design a bespoke, fit-for-purpose solution. All underpinned by the power and extensibility of the Salesforce cloud platform.

"Conduct’s work is the best looking & feeling web implementation built using Lighting Web Runtime to date" Senior Salesforce representative


Design the right solution first

Businesses and brands aren’t looking to implement platforms. They’re trying to solve problems, pursue opportunities and implement strategy. 


These could be  staff, process or customer experience problems, or innovative opportunities to deliver new, engaging customer experiences. Or all of the above.


We use our proven HCD framework to deliver experiences that end-users love, by putting them at the centre of the design process. It’s a problem-first approach, rather than a technology first approach.


We use lean prototyping methods to arrive at a visualisation of the solution to rapidly test and iterate with end users – ensuring a highly desirable end product.


Configure the solution

You’ll need the Salesforce CRM in place to store and drive the data that powers your new solution.


You may already have a Salesforce CRM cloud solution, or know that you need a CRM but don’t know how you’d configure it. Either way, we can help.


We treat the configuration of platform solutions as an extension of the design process – by understanding the balance between process optimisation and hard business requirements. 


Build it in Experience Cloud and LWR

Once you’re equipped with the Salesforce CRM, we then implement the desired experience as explored during the design phase. We implement this utilising Experience Cloud and Lightning Web Runtime. 


Our resultant visual prototype forms the basis of the technology response. 

Harness the power and extensibility of the Salesforce platform

The Salesforce product family affords our clients the capability to build new experiences without costly further investment in backend systems. Working with Salesforce Experience Cloud ensures that you can solve the business problems to hand now, but ensure that as you learn and iterate you have the backing of the #1 CRM platform to give you the freedom to move at pace to achieve your strategic roadmap.

Let us show you how to combine the best of HCD software development with the benefits of the world’s most popular CRM.

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