Simplified DevOps

DevOps is built into Conduct’s development toolset. We implement DevOps practices to catch and remediate bugs quickly and to facilitate the speedy release of updates. Projects are adaptable and agile, with functionality built and tested incrementally.

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Infrastructure as a Service

Cloud platforms are popular for the time and cost savings they present in recruiting system admin teams. We routinely work with hosting providers to enable the provision, setup and configuration of hosting infrastructure. With features like pre-configured servers and a consistent deployment environment, IaaS cloud service models enable our tech team to focus on product development instead of infrastructure – keeping projects customer-centric.

Heroku & Salesforce

For businesses looking to expand their Salesforce toolkit, platforms like Heroku grant our programmers the flexibility to deliver meaningful changes confidently, reliably and securely. Favoured for its direct Salesforce integration capabilities, Heroku is a secure, scalable and easy to configure Platform as a Service (PaaS) that automates hardware and server management. Conduct is a Salesforce partner. We are a Heroku development agency offering Salesforce integration services from Melbourne and Sydney.

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