What is ‘customer experience’ (CX) design?

User experience research and design (UX) focusses on user interactions and their experience with a specific product or service. Customer experience design (CX) considers the relationship between your business and your customer: What do they want? How do they feel? What factors may impact their experience? CX is the sum of each experience a customer encounters across your entire organisation.

What does the CX process look like?

First, we examine the stages of your customers’ journey – for example, how do they find services? what happens when they contact you? and so on. Then we identify pain points, behaviours and opportunities to improve or enhance services. Applying research-based insights, we refine the experience for each audience segment. The focus is to make things easy and simple. Finally, we tune, test and re-test concepts with customers. The goal is to deliver an adaptable experience, benefiting both brand and customer.

Make the move to strategic CX

Today’s organisations are better equipped to build long-lasting relationships than ever before. We work with client partners to explore how customers interact with brands across every touchpoint. We’ll help you to recognise opportunities. Conduct’s approach concentrates on delivering actionable (and tangible) outcomes – through qualitative and quantitative research, we shape solutions that encourage advocacy and loyalty.

Deliver transformative and personalised experiences that truly resonate.

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