Service design

What is service design?

Often confused with CX, service design is more concerned with how a business organises its people, infrastructure, communication and physical components to improve service quality. Unlike UX, the focus is wider than a product or service.

Journey mapping

Put people at the heart of decision-making

We use a human centred design approach to make it easy for people to engage with your business and, easy for your people to deliver customer-centred service.

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Is your service ‘by design’?

Service design explores people’s experience with your organisation over time. A service design agency can help with making the shift from product-focussed to people-focussed strategy. Research activities often result in recommendations on how to evolve systems, processes or policies, or, artefacts like a future-state blueprint. Our objective is to demonstrate where operational changes need to occur to better meet business needs. The outcomes are often invisible to the customer but have a significant impact on their experience.

Customer journey mapping

Abstract into action

Conduct’s approach is designed to leave you with clear and defined outcomes. We involve your staff, departments and customers to map the service delivery journey. Inviting a variety of voices helps us build a picture of the factors influencing your customer’s experience. We take strategic priorities and reconfigure organisational processes – tangible and actionable recommendations are part of the solution.

Rethink your organisational landscape and design processes around the needs of people.

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