Discovery zooms in on two key components: conducting research to understand the problem we are trying to solve, and, learning everything we can about audience behaviour. Our designers set out to become subject matter experts. From discovery, we understand who our users are, their needs and what their current experience is like. This phase helps us challenge our assumptions and biases about the problem and potential solution.



In the define phase, members of the project team come together and review the information gathered so far. We’ll work to connect the dots and convert the research into stakeholder-friendly insights. We put form around the emergent opportunities and define key opportunity spaces (or features) which feed into the ideation, design and prototyping phases.



In the ideation phase, we take insights and ideate potential solutions. We recap the research to frame the opportunities we are exploring. Ideation is about conceptualising solutions and everything is allowed (and encouraged) – no idea too small, or big! We work with you to select appropriate ideation methodologies for the opportunity space and stakeholder mix.



Prototypes are invaluable for testing user interface (UI) design with end users. They also give stakeholders a tangible sense of how a product will function before committing resources to development. Prototypes illustrate ideas to encourage discussion and feedback from you and from users. A successful prototype invites improvement.



The prototype and test phases are intrinsically linked and iterative in nature. With each iteration, the prototype ‘fidelity’ gradually improves. Wireframe quality becomes a design that ‘looks and feels’ like the proposed end product. We cycle through the test-feedback-iterate-test process until we arrive at a fit-for-purpose solution meeting users needs.

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