At Conduct, we’re always aiming to reshape the way people interact with technology, to transform conventions, redefine possibilities, and pave the way towards a digital future that puts the user experience at its core.

We’ll introduce a series of prototype concepts that have emerged from our 15+ years of designing digital solutions for diverse clients in sectors such as waste management, stadium events, and energy. Each concept is the culmination of our team’s efforts to improve the total customer experience, going beyond the conventional notion of technology-driven service delivery.

Unveiling the current state

Throughout “The Remix Series,” we shed light on the challenges faced by staff, customers, and organisations in balancing digital with other strategic priorities, and identify opportunities for improvement and innovation.

From user interfaces and user interactions to customer journeys and staff processes, we analyse the strengths and limitations of existing systems. 

Pioneering digital

As pioneers of change, we celebrate the courage to disrupt conventions, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Each “remixed” concept unearths hidden potential, weaving together interesting applications of technology and human-centric design principles to create entirely reimagined versions of platforms that exist today.

Blending the familiar with the futuristic

To redefine the boundaries of digital engagement, we applied our expertise in service design, UX, technical architecture and engineering to explore the ways organisations interact with their audiences and try to improve upon the best-in-class solutions that exist today. From artificial intelligence for personalised recommendations to seamless cross-platform integration, “The Remix Series” is our ideas unconstrained.

Stay tuned for our first instalment of a remixed concept – OnEvent, a digital platform for event organisers and venues to amplify the on-day experience for patrons. Through OnEvent, we’ve remixed what we know about wayfinding, in-app purchases, digital ticketing and sponsor engagement and created a prototype product that makes event day a breeze for attendees and operations teams. 

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Simon Krambousanos

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